Win and Get Taylor Swift’s Arms:  4 week workout

Want sexy arms like Taylor Swift and earn a Challenge Band?  Follow this workout and see amazing results in as little as 4 weeks and send us your story.

Spend 40 minutes 3 times per week for the next 4 weeks.

Sets are done 30 seconds cardio, 40 seconds on and 10 seconds rest.  After each set take 2 minutes rest.  Repeat each set 3 rounds.  Each day change which set you start with.  (Example:  Monday 1,2,3, Wednesday 2,3,1, Thursday 3,1, 2)

Cardio:  Jump Rope

Set 1

Push-ups with Dumbbell Rows
Bench Dumbbell Chest Flies
Combo dumbbell boxing (Jabs and Upper cuts) (use lighter weights)

Cardio:  Jumping Jacks

“Set 2

Burpees with 2 pushups
Bench dips
Dumbbell Lateral Arm Lifts

Cardio:  Jump Rope

Set 3

Elbow to Hands Plank Challenge Band
V-up Crunches (AKA Jack Knifes)
Supermans to Push-ups

As for the cardio do what is best for your body also change up each week the cardio to keep your body guessing.  You will see amazing results quickly.  Lastly drink water and stay hydrated throughout your workout.

Take pictures and I will send them to me and I will send you a free Challenge band.