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Co-Owner/Founder | Certified Personal Trainer | Certified Fitness Nutritional Coach
Naples, Florida

In 2006 after serving in Iraq and becoming an Army Reserve soldier I decided to join my wife as we created a fitness bootcamp in St. Louis, Mo then two years later moved to Naples, Fl.  Our fitness bootcamp became the most popular fitness program in Naples.  Leading us to starring on ABC Wife Swap and Dr. Phil for our no-nonsense, yet holistic approach to helping achieve client’s health and fitness goals.

After leaving Naples for just at 2 years we returned with a brand-new, innovative spin on our old bootcamp concept.  That idea was to create a program that is fun, challenging, adventurous & effective and different from every other fitness program in Naples.   “Fit In The City Bootcamp,” was born. A program geared toward doing fitness everywhere throughout the city, using unconventional equipment….bringing you a new fitness environment experience at every session.

Looking back, the key to our bootcamp success was never us per se’. It was the fun, originality & experience we created to a sometimes redundant industry. It was the also the inner & outer results people achieved as a result of being apart of it.  That’s what we’re bringing with “Fit In the City Bootcamp.”  It’s like bootcamp on Steroids. It’s like “the gym” reinvented. It’s like the workout & you can’t help but become addicted! We hope that you will join in & see for yourself.

Before I share WHAT, let me explain WHY. I noticed a disturbing trend with my clients many years ago. Many were busy professionals that carved out time to commit to fitness, working out an hour or more/day for 5, 6 (sometimes even 7 days/wk) & yet were still a little too FAT, STRESSED & nearly DEPRESSED! They were willing to put forth effort, but just wanted to once & for all lose some stinkin' weight & gain some bliss. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, they had the potential for their desires all along, but we’re just going down the wrong roads. The roads that led to frustration, confusion & de-motivation. Who wants to keep spending time & money on things that don't actually solve the problem? Well this method (called R3 Method, the foundation of all of our weightloss challenges) was the proven solution to those heartaches. I enjoy kicking people’s butts in bootcamp then getting all holistic & mushy as I detox their fat, physical toxins & emotional toxins out through my wellness programs, retreats or challenges.

I've created 3 programs that's  the secret to getting AMAZING  results in the fastest & safest way possible.

  1. R3 Method Challenge: The Ultimate Holistic Weightloss & Inner Bliss 6-wk Program (Includes Emotional Fitness, Physical Fitness, Infusion Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Self Love Therapy & Soul Therapy) *Offered ‘Live' & Virtually
  2. Fit In The City Bootcamp Challenge (6-wk program Includes our Uncommon Bootcamp Style Physical Fitness program, Detox, Lifestyle eating & Mindset Webinar Coaching. *Offered ‘Live' & Virtually
  3. Detox Challenge (Includes 3-Day to 30-Day Pro-Guided Detox only Programs) *Offered Virtually


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Co-Owner/Founder | Certified Personal Trainer | Certified Sports Nutrition Coach | Body & Mind Detox Coach| Author of R3 Diet Book | International Speaker
Naples, Florida

About me: Born in Chicago and raised in the west suburban area. My life has been centered on physical activity and competition. I attended High School in Illinois, where I captained my Varsity Football, Wrestling, and basketball teams. I am now in pursuit of my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and later plan to continue my education to become a physical therapist. Now that my life has moved away from competition I occupy my time outside of school by staying outdoors and being active. As of now I most look forward to snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing, disc golfing, basketball and participating  in mixed martial art events. 

Why me: My background as a multisport athlete provides me with various perspectives on activity, movement, recovery, and the different ways health can be achieved. The knowledge I can provide spans from rehabilitation of strength, balance, and stability to high performance/ competitive training. Keeping exercise fun and constantly progressing is how I stay focused and motivated. 

Philosophy: Choo! Choo! All aboard the Gain Train!
My goal is to help you create the best you, you can possibly be. To go from underachieving expectations to exceeding expectations.  This means establishing sustainable habits, creating a strong mind-body relationship, and working toward a well-rounded level of fitness. This is how one can truly maintain quality of life no matter their age or current health. Let’s get better together!


  • 10 combined years of varsity level athletics 
  • Knee Rehabilitation
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Personal Trainer – Fort Myers, Florida